Monday, August 25, 2008

It's about time for an update...

I've been MIA all week, sorry about that! Every now and then, life just has a way of overwhelming you. It's been like that for me this past week or so. Forgive me and hopefully I'll start posting more frequently!
My Mom and Dad were here this weekend and the girls had a fantastic time hanging out with them. Evelyn helped grandpa fix the sink.

Charlotte got her new furniture from Pottery Barn Kids.

Evelyn got her big girl bed. She sleeps in it for naps and has loved it so far!

Grandma and I went to see "Shrek, the musical" at the 5th avenue theatre this weekend. I highly recommend this if it comes to your town! It was hilarious and the sets were breathtaking. A very enjoyable night out!


Kristi said...

Charlotte's bedroom is adorable! I also love that "cute as a button" sign! I tagged you on my blog - maybe it'll help you take your mind off of the bigger things! It's just for fun!

Heather said...

wow i love the bed room! glad you had a good visit, its seems this is just a buy week for everyone. oh what will we do without summer?

Jules said...

Those girls are just too precious! I love checking in on them. Love the new furniture - it looks great!