Monday, September 29, 2008

Family Time

We took a last minute trip to Spokane to attend a memorial service for Monte's Uncle Arnold. We got a chance to spend time with family and the girls got to play with some cousins that we hardly ever see.

Rolling around on the ground in their finest clothes.

Charlotte enjoyed doing "Barbie Fashion Plates" with her cousin Gabriella.

Just the 4 of us.

Some cuddle time with Grandma

Daddy looking ruggedly handsome with his beard grown while on sabbatical.


Evelyn actually sat still long enough for pigtails the other day! Ok, they were a little crooked because I was trying to work fast, but I thought she looked quite adorable. Monte did a double take when he saw her because she is my twin when she has those pigtails in. I don't wear my hair that way, so who knows why, but I do agree. Sometimes I look at her and I feel like I'm looking in a mirror. (A much cuter, smaller, mirror)
Little funny face. I wish she would let me get a decent straight on shot of her!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Lucky in Love (and slot machines)

Monte and I celebrated our 5th anniversary by spending 2 nights away. We ended up going to the Tulalip resort/spa/casino. We were so surprised at how beautiful the hotel was. It was probably one of the nicer hotels we've ever stayed in. It was great to get some much needed time together. The first night I really scored on the slot machines. I think I made around $1000! The best part was that there is a premium outlet mall right next door to the hotel and I was able to really enjoy our day of shopping. I got myself a few things, but the kids really made out with new clothes from Gap and Gymboree. I got a ton of stuff and didn't even feel guilty about it!
Saturday night I did nothing but lose, it didn't ruin our great time though. I can't wait to do it again.
By the way, the girls did just fine while we were gone. (thanks to Bridget and Grandma)

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Evelyn's first day of school

Such a big girl!

Off to school

Charlotte's first day of school. Mommy just might be more nervous than Charlotte...

Charlotte is 3!!!

We had a Saturday morning party planned for Charlotte, but she had a mysterious fever for 4 days so we had to reschedule. Luckily everyone could come on Tuesday the 16th (her actual birthday). She had school that morning as well and we got to celebrate at school with cupcakes too. She was exhausted that night!