Monday, September 29, 2008


Evelyn actually sat still long enough for pigtails the other day! Ok, they were a little crooked because I was trying to work fast, but I thought she looked quite adorable. Monte did a double take when he saw her because she is my twin when she has those pigtails in. I don't wear my hair that way, so who knows why, but I do agree. Sometimes I look at her and I feel like I'm looking in a mirror. (A much cuter, smaller, mirror)
Little funny face. I wish she would let me get a decent straight on shot of her!


La Nuit Étoilée said...

she is cute in piggies :)

i always feel funny saying Mira is cute...when she looks so much like me as a little girl. i swear i'm not vain when i think SHE's beautiful right? :)

Heather said...

very cute! and i agree, she is a mini you, lol!

Lollyblogger said...

those pigtails are adorable!!!!