Thursday, April 9, 2009

update on baby boy

Time has been flying and I am now 26 weeks along with baby boy. He'll be in our arms before we know it! Unfortunately, he doesn't have a name yet. Charlotte suggested "Lucifer" (after the cat in Cinderella). We have it narrowed down to a few favorites, now we just need to decide.
Here is the most current photo from about 2 weeks ago.


La Nuit Étoilée said...

Hmmm...Charlotte, Evelyn, and Lucifer? :)

Can't believe you're 26w already woman! Are you ready to have a BOY mixed in with the girlie, pink, princessness you've got going on in your house???


Heather said...

You look fabulous Lisa! I think Lucifer might be a stretch with Charlotte and Evelyn. I'm surprised she hasn't suggested Eric! :)

Heather said...

So happy for ya! My brothers wanted to name my "flower" from the skunk in bambi, so my mom went with Heather, as it is a flower. The boys were happy with that.