Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Our Vacation Begins...

We left Seattle on Thursday afternoon and arrived in Coeur D Alene, Idaho around 8 or so. Charlotte asked if we were almost at Grandma's house before we were out of Seattle! We knew then it would be a LONG TRIP. After a refreshing night's sleep (HA. Mac was NOT happy to be away from his familiar crib), we ate a delightful Holiday Inn Express free breakfast and headed to Silverwood theme park. Now we had to make a stop first because I forgot my toothbrush and had to buy one. Fun times brushing my teeth in the car, that was a first!

It was a hot day and us Seattleites are not used to this kind of heat, so we got off to a sluggish start. Once we hit the water park, it was smooth sailing! Fun, fun, fun! We rented a cabana which was ours for the entire day. This includes personal food service, and a shaded place to hang out. A great place for babies to nap.

The water was refreshingly cool...

All in all, it was a fun start to our trip. Be back tomorrow for the next leg of our journey.
Mommy and Baby Boy


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