Sunday, June 22, 2008

A Little Misunderstanding

A conversation I had with Charlotte last night.

Me: Bridget is coming in a little while.
Charlotte: Why is Bridget coming?
Me: Because Mommy and Daddy are going out on a date.
Charlotte: Why are you going on a date?
Me: Because we love each other.
Charlotte: (Her face wide-eyed with excitement) You are getting a baby!

Apparently I answered one of her questions about babies being born with "You need a Mommy and a Daddy and they love each other and they make a baby"....

When I woke her up this morning, the first thing she did was look at my tummy and say, "Mommy! You didn't get a baby!" She was actually pretty mad at me. I told her it takes a long time to get a baby, but she is very impatient...

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Heather said...

Great story. dont you love how they come up with this stuff?