Thursday, July 24, 2008

Once Upon A Potty

As you can see, Evelyn is very excited by this turn of events.

We have a big girl in our house! Charlotte, all on her own, decided she wanted to wear underwear. She's been dry all day long and peed and even pooped in her potty!!! She says, "I don't want to sit in my own pee or poop." She learned this phrase from Maddie and Bennett. Hey, it worked!


La Nuit Étoilée said...

too cute! so often, i think it's just best to let the child decide that he or she is ready to be potty trained. way less stressful! mira came to that conclusion herself one day and has had very few problems since. i believe that was just after Christmas (but SHE doesn't have a diapered younger sibling either!).

Heather said...

Yeah congrats!!!


Kristin said...

Lisa, your girls are SO ADORABLE!!! I love their expressions in this photo. :0) Way to go, Charlotte, she's a take-charge kinda gal! :0)