Monday, May 31, 2010

What I love Most About Charlotte

At our cooperative preschool, it's a tradition to have each parent anonymously jot down a few positive, descriptive words of each child. Our parent advisor puts them together and presents them to us at our end of the year parent party. These were some of the descriptions on Charlotte's:
Loves her Mom.
Really loves her Mom.
Really, Really, Really, loves her Mom.
Of course there were also some other descriptors such as, "quiet" and "creative", but I just had to smile and tear up a little (ok, a lot) when it was being read out loud.
I have put together a little snapshot of my own, of Charlotte at age four.
Funny. This girl can make me laugh.
Artistic. Sometimes I am blown away by her creativity and skill in this area.
She never forgets. Occasionally she will talk about something that happened 2 and a half years ago.
Sensitive and compassionate. Her concern for others is amazing.
Likes to be the boss. Future jobs might include: director of stage and/or screen, CEO, Principal or Teacher. (she says when she grows up she wants to be a Mommy)
Curious. She asks questions that floor me. Often (usually) I don't know the answers and we have to do some research. (Thank God for the internet!)
Oh yeah. She really, really, really, really, loves her Mommy.

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