Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Blog Lover

That's me. I am in love with reading blogs. Blogs of all shapes and sizes. Blogs that are authored by people I actually know in person,and some by those I consider friends, but only have an online friendship with. There are a couple of other categories.
1~ Blogs that are written by people who drive me to jealousy because their lives are seemingly perfect.
2~ Blogs I have found off of the sidebar of other peoples' blogs. Sometimes these people have strikingly similar blogs as the aforementioned people whose lives I covet. Other times, I discover people who are actually a lot like me. Sometimes I find a blog that is incredibly sad, yet inspires me by the authors ability to overcome these sad circumstances.
3~Home decorating/crafty people blogs.
4~Blogs that give step by step photoshop tutorials. (My favorite because some of us idiots out there really want to use Photoshop but are not smart enough to crack the code)
I aspire to write a blog that interests people other than my immediate family, yet can't seem to break out of that "Hi, aren't my kids cute? Look at this new pic!" type of blog. These blogs are actually the type I enjoy reading.
But I? Really want to inspire...

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