Wednesday, June 16, 2010

There is such a thing as too much cake!

While it feels like Mac has always been a part of our lives, it also seems like I just saw that faint pink second line...
Here is a preview of the birthday fun. As I am too tired to write much more tonight, I will be back tomorrow to entertain you with stories of graduations, birthdays, playdates, Grandparent visits and much more. Stay tuned...


Chen Dushek said...

I'm the youngest of three and the only boy, and let me tell you, older sisters are evil and sneaky!!! Though babies are soooo cute!!! Seriously though, daughters get jealous if he becomes mommy's favorite, they will torture him endlessly with the shababazzz also I make up words lol. Cute blog. Just blog hopping around

Anonymous said...

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